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At a glance

neck: maple
fingerboard: ebony
scale: 105 cm
top: laminated spruce
back: laminated flamed maple
ribs: 76 mm
body size: aprox. 26 x 82 cm
bassbar and soundpost: spruce
bridge: maple, adjustable
strings: D’Addario Helicore
pickup: The Realist
tailpiece: solid brass
length: 1,60 m (without endpin)
weight: < 6 kg; incl. gigbag + flightcase < 17 kg
case: padded case (20mm foam) with handles and shoulder strap; RN models only: additional padded case for the removable neck
opt. accessories: foldable stand
Flightcase (126 x 38 x 42 cm)
models: 4-string Standard
5-string Standard
4-string RN (with removable neck)
5-string RN (with removable neck)

sidedotsAlso available as lefthanded version.
Sidedots available as an upgrade.