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Testimonials – Who’s playing the Eminence?

Rob Amster
Bassist with Kurt Elling, formerly with Buddy Rich und Maynard Ferguson. Rob reports the Eminence Bass is by far the best portable bass he has ever played. He also says how happy he is not to have to pay any more oversize charges when flying.

Byron House
Recording bassist with Amy Grant, Emmylou Harris, Michael Bolton, Wynonna, Travis Tritt, and many others. Now touring with Sam Bush, and Nickel Creek. Byron calls his Eminence Bass "the puppy house".

Paul Erhard, Ph.D.
Bass professor at University of Colorado, Boulder; Eastman School of Music; M.M., D.M.A.,The Juilliard School. Paul spends his summers teaching bass master classes in India with his Eminence Bass.

Stuart Brotman
Formerly with Canned Heat, now tours internationally with the famous Klezmer band The Brave Old World. (Check their website for soundfiles!)

John Pennell
Formerly with Allison Krause, now touring with Vassar Clements.

Mark Rubin
Recording artist, bassist for the Bad Livers. Mark has written slap bass articles for Bass Player magazine. Mark’s Eminence Bass is strung with gut G and D strings. Mark says his removeable neck Eminence Portable Upright Bass paid for itself in nine months from the money he saved on oversize charges.

Marshall Wilborn
Bluegrass bass god. Marshall called Gary after returning from a tour in Germany with the Lynn Morris Band. He says he could not be happier with the tone and the ease of travel the Eminence Bass provides. Marshall has the removeable neck model.

Bob Sinicrope
Recording artist, teaches bass at Boston area's Milton Academy. Also teaches at the Jamey Aebersold Summer Jazz Workshops. Bob says he couldn’t get over how easy it is to fly with his new Eminence Bass removable neck model.

Douglas Barnett
One of Seattle's finest and busiest musicians. Recording, performing and touring with a number of local and national artists like Deniece Williams, Hank Crawford, Phillip Bailey, Jeff Kashiwa and Joyce Cooling.

Herbie Lewis
Bassist with Thelonius Monk, Less McCann, McCoy Tyner, Freddie Hubbard. Has recorded his latest CD "Just a lucky so and so" with his Eminence bass.

Marc Johnson
Master bassist of Bill Evans' last Trio, plays the Eminence on tour with the John Abercrombie Quartett (click here for pictures). See video at YouTube!

Johannes Schaedlich
Frankenthal/Germany; played and recorded with Hal Galper, Janusz Stefanski, Bobby Shew, Freddy Santiago, Lee Konitz, Doug Raney, Keith Copeland,Christian Eckert, Anke Helfrich ...

Kalli Gerhards
Zürich/CH; played with European Jazz Giants, Benny Bailey, Buddy Tate, Oscar Klein,Gene Connors, Horace Parlan, Buddy deFranco, Marion Brown, Joe Pass, Al Grey, Hazy Osterwald, Oliver Jackson, Jay McShann, Charly Antolini, Glenn Ferris, Plas Johnson, John Faddis, Mighty Fly Conners, Karl Ratzer, Herb Geller, Torsten Zwingenberger ...

Karoline Höfler
Stuttgart/Germany; played with Hans Koller, Bernd Konrad, Irene Schweizer, Co Streiff, Falk Willis, Wolfgang Haffner, Peter Ponzol, Adrian Mears, Allan Praskin, Andi Scherrer, Bert Joris, Denis Badeault, François Laizeaux ...

Florian Dohrmann
Tübingen/Germany; bassist of David Orlowsky's Klezmorim

Dieter Sajok
Berlin/Germany; bassist with Robert Metcalf

Thomas Fritze
Köln/Germany; bassist of Klezmer Alliance and A Tickle in the Heart.

Edward Maclean

Nicolas Chelly

Stefano Dall’Ora
Italy, bassist of the Arkè String Project

Konstantin Ionenko
recorded his recent CD as a leader with his Eminence bass

... more reviews:

"Well designed, well built, and meticulously finished" Double Bassist, Ausgabe Dez. 2000

Stefano Dall’Ora: "Well, now the time has come! The first thing I must tell you is: thank you! The bass is handy and very playable, neck removal and assembly are quick and easy, and I managed to fly it a few times around Europe without a problem. But what is more, in certain musical situations where a punchier sound and a faster attack is required, it's even better than the real thing... Many colleagues of mine and several P.A. engineers told me so in various occasions, but I must confess that while I was playing it I thought just the same.
I've just come back home after a short tour in Southern Italy with Trilok Gurtu and my acoustic group, Arkè String Project (two violins, a viola and a double bass).
Trilok plays tablas, assorted percussions and a small drum set, and the music ranges from very soft to really loud; nevertheless I never had to struggle to cut through the sound with my Eminence. Every date was a success, and many people asked me about my strange instrument... Of course I mentioned you and your site, it's well deserved!"

Stefano has sent me two great soundfiles, recorded with his Eminence;

"... the first one is an excerpt from Karl Ditters von Dittersdorf's Concerto in E maj for Doublebass and Orchestra, which I transcribed and arranged for two basses. It's just me playing, as I overdubbed twice my Eminence (of course played with the bow).
The second piece is a little theme that I wrote just for the occasion, to demonstrate the Emi's pizzicato sound. It's called "Tempus Fugit" (time flies away) and again it's me playing two Eminences (one at a time, sorry...)."

Dittersdorf.mp3 | TempusFugit.mp3 (soundfiles © by Stefano Dall’Ora)

Stefano recently has recorded his new CD with the Eminence: "Arkeology". This CD features Trilok Gurtu (perc.) and the Arke String Project (Carlo Cantini and Valentino Corvivo, violins; Sandro Di Paolo, viola; Stefano Dall'Ora, double bass/Eminence bass).
For more information and reviews, visit,, The CD can be purchased at or

"Hi Jonas, the bass arrived today and thank you so much I absolutely love it, very easy to set up and play, I have not plugged it in yet but the acoustic sound is much better than I thought and it is just so playable, it absolutely spanks my acoustic bass.
It's first trip is to Antigua in December where me and bass are going to get know each other playing on the beach for a week. I will send you a holiday snap.
I have just come back from Antigua and took the Eminence with me again and have been absolutely loving it, I wish my acoustic bass was as good......

"Gary, Your bass has far exceeded my expectations. I had originally purchased it with the intention of using it for rehearsals during snow storms and "uncritical" gigs, but so far I have used it everywhere. Not one person has told me something like "bring your real bass next time". My "real bass" is a 1911 Hawkes Concert model, which sounds like heaven unamplified, however as soon as the gain goes up the body starts to react and the sound quickly gets muddy. With the Eminence the sound does not change with the gain, there is enough wood sound from the little chamber and the thing sings like a bird through an Acoustic Image Contra. If you get a chance (sorry about the late notice) I think you might pick up Societe Radio Canada in Minneapolis, other wise you can hear it on the net. The show features Celine Dion singing Eddy Marnay songs, most of them are boring pop with house band, but two of them are Michel Legrand tunes done with jazz nonet, two trumpets, two saxes, two trombones, piano, Eminence and drums. On these two tunes you can hear the sound under live stage recording conditions. I heard it on my car radio and it sounded great. The band leader Vic Vogel is a very quirky guy and quite conservative, even he liked it, both sound and appearance.
I gave your coordinates to XX, she is an excellent young bassist and "rising star" in the jazz community here, she wants to get one after playing mine recently.
Good luck and thanks for the great axe,

"The big surprise is how great the Eminence bass sounds in a live setting. The reaction from the guys in my jazz quartet -- despite serious misgivings when they first laid eyes on it -- is that this is the best amplified bass tone I've ever had.
I had the opportunity to sit in the audience at a jam session, and hear a friend play this bass through a Acoustic Image Contra. It's hard to be objective about one's own gear, but to my ear the Eminence sounded better than all three carved basses we've amplified on that stage. Luthier Gary Bartig has done the impossible. In an amplified setting, the Eminence bass plays the role of doublebass better than a doublebass."

"I've played upright bass for almost twenty years, so I had a pretty good feel for what I was looking for prior to buying this bass. I didn't have an opportunity to try a lot of EUB's. The only other that I actually played was the XXX – an extremely cool looking instrument, but I felt for that kind of sound, I might as well be playing a fretless electric.
After trying, and buying, Gary's bass, it's become my main instrument. I use it for 99% of my gigs (about twice weekly). The sound is almost 100% the same as the amplified sound of my German flatback. I've also done studio recordings direct to the board and the sound has been terrific. Gary does an incredible job setting up the instrument – it plays like butter. And I have yet to hear of anyone who has not been satisfied with their new Eminence bass."

"My new Eminence, running through a SWR California Blonde, has replaced my old bass completely. In my bands, I'll switch between pizz, slap and arco in the same song. I bang on the sides like it was a dumbec. I do lots of other stupid stuff to get sound out of it. It always sounds like a great, loud acoustic bass. The Eminence has completely replaced my old bass. We just got done recording demos for my bluegrass band. We took the direct from the SWR and ran it right into the board. The tone was far and away better than any recorded bass tone I could afford to achieve. You may not have the opportunity to take an Eminence to your local shop and compare it to the other "real" basses in the store. Trust me, I did. And few basses sound as good as Gary's new basses."

"I looked around for nearly a year at EUB's, but was never satisfied with their sound until now. The Eminence can sound completely acoustic if you want it to, but with the advantage of portability, and amplification without feedback. It has a piezo pickup that allow it to sound good both pizzicato, and arco, and will work well even with gut strings. It has the sound, and feel of a high quality carved top upright. The sound is slightly on the dark side with amazing sustain. It comes with a steady-foot anti-rotational endpin (Shaped like an inverted "T" with a hinge at the interesction) which makes it more stable than my traditional upright. After years of feeling cramped on smaller stages, frustrated by feedback, and hurt by lack of storage space, and mobility, I'm thrilled to be playing an Eminence."

Mike Carr has recorded a CD with his Eminence RN: go to and preform a search for Bobby West and album title "Hip Profhecy"
"I played the Eminence bass on all of the 13 tracks on this album, except for track #9, on which I played the "slab". On the remaining 12 other tunes all of the bass is my Eminence Removable Neck EUB! We recorded this project at a very nice Pro Tools equipped studio in Jakarta, Indonesia while I was on a long term gig in Jakarta as a member of the same trio that is featured on this recording. Since the Eminence is my traveling bass this was the only Double Bass Type instrument was available me for this recording date. I was very, very pleased with how well this bass worked out, both live, nightly on my gig there, and in the recording studio!
So here's an opportunity for any of you that might be interested in hearing the Eminence played in a jazz trio context and in the hands of a (more or less) skilled player....well the bass sounds good, nevertheless!"

Nicolas Chelly, Paris/France: "I really love my RN4 from studio to stage, i play a lot with it. Put Obligatos and you'll have a true acoustic tone. Thanks Jonas for your help!"

Lubomir Taliga, SK+China: After playing 1,5 month on your Eminence double-bass, I completly love that instrument. The Eminence Bass sounds as I want, if I want, sound as bass guitar, if I want, sounds like full acoustic double-bass. I use LR Baggs DI with combination bass equalizer pedal from Boss and I love it. I don't use combo or amplifier. I just say to sound guy to setup everything flat, and I setup my sound by myself (Chinese soundmakers are very bad) and is working great for me. When I play pizz I just use LR Baggs DI, when I use bow or play slap I press my Boss Bass EQ pedal to cut out some high middles. It works perfectly, everything I ever wanted comming with great portability. I even can put my eminence to the boot of my Toyota Camry without need to remove neck and without need to fold seats, so I can drive comfortably another 4 people with my bass. It gives FREEDOM FOR DOUBLE BASS PLAYERS.
I did have a little problem to get to use on 5 strings at the begining, but now I love that low B and don't regret that I didn't get high C at that time, which I'll maybe get sometimes later in the future.

The Eminence at the internet

You'll find more user comments at or "2xbasslist" archives.